Easter for Bad Bunnies...

The Brief

Malmaison is one of 15 bespoke buildings with a real backstory. The decor, the cocktail list, the menu, all carefully considered, all different. Malmaison is the Easter destination for the more cool, more discerning customer. Easter is an intrinsically un-cool holiday, based entirely around tradition and a cutesy bunny. So how do you make this work for an intrinsically un-cool holiday that’s based entirely around tradition and a cute bunny?

The Idea

You make the bunny bad. We created an aspirational but mysterious campaign featuring an anonymous, elusive Bad Bunny. A mysterious rake wearing a white rabbit’s head. He's seen tucking into the restaurant's Sunday Roast (with an extra portion of carrots, of course), smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey in the bar before retiring to a suite where one glimpses a bunny tail awaiting him. The campaign was teased extensively on social media with a film and series of shots revealing weird and wonderful clues of what was to come.