Giving Malmaison the key ingredients to launch a successful new restaurant brand…

The Brief

Our brief was to create a unique identity, personality and positioning for Chez Mal at Malmaison. In a world where restaurants have to work increasingly hard to stay relevant in the eyes of the Instagram generation, hotel restaurants have to work that little bit harder. Food can’t just taste nice and look good any more, these characteristics of dining out have
come to be taken as standard by consumers. The offering must have a hook, something to draw the overloaded consumer in.

The Idea

We began by creating a narrative for Chez Mal, defining a brand story based around its approach to food and drink. The passion that goes into everything that’s created in the kitchen, and the beauty and artistry of the final dish. Passion and Artistry. We then developed the story to encompass the passion of Chez Mal’s people. Photography is the primary mode of communicating this story, capturing gritty, candid shots of their people, contrasting against food portrayed as art.