Salford City Council

Creative commission to kickstart local economy.

The Brief

We successfully tendered for this 6-month ERDF-funded contract in 2020 to reopen Salford’s High Streets safely, which was extended for a further 3 months due to increased funding. The brief was to create an impactful online and offline campaign that worked in harmony with the existing ‘Spirit of Salford’ marketing activity, encouraging Salfordonians to boost their local economy by ‘staying local and staying safe’ after lockdown.

The Idea

Our ‘That’s the spirit!’ campaign was designed to continue the strong feeling of community and togetherness that was witnessed during the Covid pandemic, urging people to support local businesses while practising social distancing and other essential safety measures. To ensure the success of the campaign, we worked closely with Salford City Council’s marketing team, local businesses and community, religious and ethnic minority groups to deliver a suite of marketing that had the simplicity, clarity and universal appeal required to ensure as many people/organisations got behind the campaign as possible.