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A strong leasing plan in 2013 shifted Golden Square's marketing strategy from customer retention to acquisition, targeting a wider, more affluent audience. a 2012 customer survey revealed that, amongst an audience unfamiliar with the centre, 70% failed to read the old branding correctly. It was time for a fresh approach.

The Idea

We developed a cleaner, sharper identity that better reflected their retail mix and contemporary shopping environment. The distinctive square shopping bag is visual shorthand for a shopping destination, overcoming the problem of 'Golden Square' not being a descriptive name. Three logo marks were created within the brand identity to reflect their three core offerings of 'Shopping', 'Food' and 'Fun', providing a three-pronged approach to targeting new customers.

An essential requirement for the brand was to stand out to win its fight for market share, despite being the smallest of the three shopping centres in the North West. Our way to tackle this was to develop a distinctive tone of voice and character for the centre. One with a sense of humour that led customers to build a relationship with the shopping centre brand itself in amongst a market filled with sterile, corporate shopping centre brands.

The Results

The result was a rejuvenated brand, with the results to prove it. Footfall was up 1.8% in the final quarter, with sales up 15.1%, and CACI research showed a growth of 13% in their target shoppers from outside core catchment areas. Web traffic was up 37% YOY, and social media following was up 16.6% YOY.


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