The Grahamston

Creating a new perspective on a local legend for Radisson Glasgow...


Our brief was to create a unique brand identity for Radisson Glasgow's newly opening bar and kitchen, The Grahamston. There’s now, more than ever in the hospitality industry, a desire to be immersed in an entire experience. This is essential in building brand value and gaining competitive advantage in such a saturated market. With consumers interacting with brand campaigns in a much more selective way, there’s more pressure than ever to create truly compelling narratives around the brand and the products they consume. The offering must have a hook, something to draw the overloaded consumer in. A story or narrative, an experience with some excitement behind it.

the Idea

In this case, it’s about evocative design that has narrative and can transport you to another time and place. Today’s society has become all about escapism. We created this escapism for the Grahamston by conveying this other time, space and place, through all aspects of the dining and drinking experience. We began by defining a brand story based around the incredible lost village that lay beneath its foundations, a Victorian village stuck in time. This led us visually to a design based on layers of sedimentary rock, and the silhouette of Grahamston beneath this and ambient ideas such as holes in walls and traditional, Victorian style newspapers.


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